Question: What is Sam Winchesters fear?

Sam suffers from coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.

What episode does Dean get scared?

Yellow Fever Yellow Fever is the 6th episode of Season 4. It aired on October 23rd, 2008.

What is Sam immune to supernatural?

Sam Winchester - He is completely immune to Croatoan Virus and demonic photokinesis. Sam is initially susceptible to Liliths powers, but drinking demon blood he gained complete immunity.

How long was Sam in the pit?

Sam Winchester also spent some time in the Cage but was rescued by Castiel. He was unable to raise Sam with his soul, so it spent well over a year (more than 120 years in Hell time) in the Cage being tortured by Lucifer until Death finally retrieved it.

What is the funniest Supernatural episode?

Supernatural: The Best EpisodesThe Monster At The End Of This Book (Season 4, Episode 18) Faith (Season 1, Episode 12) Mystery Spot (Season 3, Episode 11) Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1) Swan Song (Season 5, Episode 22) Changing Channels (Season 5, Episode 8) Lazarus Rising (Season 4, Episode 1)More items •24 Nov 2020

Is Sam the devils son?

It is learned in Season 2 that Sam is the Devils son. Oliver asks Sam to send him to Hell so that he could find Alan (who was captured by The Devil). So Sam sends him to Hell.

What is the most watched episode of Supernatural?

Pilot Pilot was the most watched episode of the season. Salvation was the least watched episode of the season.

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