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Invisible or no-show socks may seem like the simple solution, but many pairs fall down and ball up under your feet.

  • His friends continuously came over and made me feel inferior by way of ther feet.

  • The pizza guy accepted and my brother showed him how to properly rub a face with bare feet.

  • When no one was around except for me an my brother, he always had his feet on me.

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They have cushioning in the heel to keep your shoes super comfy.

  • I remember watching his feet resting on the edge of the foot stool from the other room, afraid that he might catch me staring at his rank and smelly feet.

  • The rittual slowly grew to when he'd have sleepovers and he'd tell his friends that I, his older brother was his footslave.

  • As he rubbed his bare feet acros my face, he would look down at me to try and sense some sort of rebellion, but he had none.

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