Question: How do I talk to my family about bariatric surgery?

How do I tell my family I have bariatric surgery?

Here are some practical steps for explaining your bariatric surgery decision to family and friends.Gather As Much Research As You Can. Listen To Your Family And Friends. Stay Optimistic. Ask For Support. Commit To Your Decision.11 Feb 2020

How do you tell someone they need bariatric surgery?

If you choose to be more open about your weight loss surgery, its also OK to bring it up in conversation. You can volunteer the information or let people ask questions, and you can go into as much detail as you like, given the comfort level and depth of the conversation. If someone says, Youve lost so much weight!

Do people regret getting bariatric surgery?

No regrets Although many women reported negative thoughts and health issues after weight loss surgery, none of them said they regret undergoing the procedure. “They say they would have done the same today and that they had no choice considering their life before surgery.

Who do I talk to about weight loss surgery?

Ask your primary-care doctor or gynecologist for a referral to a weight loss surgeon. Theyll likely have patients who have undergone weight loss surgery, seen their success, and can help guide your choice of surgeon.

Why was bariatric surgery denied?

The primary reasons for rejection included a lack of insurance coverage, being medically unfit, psychological or social inappropriateness, and a body mass index (BMI) that did not meet the cutoff (BMI<35 kg/m2 or <40 kg/m2 without co-morbid conditions).

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