Question: Why are Taurus so attracted to Leo?

Do Leos and Taurus make a good couple?

Emotionally, Taurus and Leo can connect really well. Both signs place value on the idea of true love, and they genuinely want to make their partner happy. They also value loyalty and trust in relationships. With Leo, Taurus may feel like their efforts arent being equally reciprocated.

Can Taurus and Leo be best friends?

Taurus and Leo Compatibility: Friendship Taurus and Leo are both pretty emotional signs, but they express it differently. Leo wants gifts, grand gestures, and a lot of attention and affection, while Taurus wants a friend who has a reserved nature, who is warm, caring, and secure.

Are Leo and Taurus enemies?

While Leo and Taurus might make for a great couple because opposites attract, pulling off a friendship is hard for these two. Leos need to be loyal contrasts with Taurus need to do whatever they have to in order to get what they want.

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