Question: Was Drew Roy on iCarly?

Drew Roy (born May 17, 1986 in Clanton, Alabama) is an American actor. From 2006 to 2008, he appeared mostly in independent film projects. In 2009, he landed the role of Griffin (recurring in two episodes - iDate A Bad Boy and iBeat the Heat) on iCarly.

What episode of iCarly is Drew Roy in?

iBeat the Heat iCarly iBeat the Heat (TV Episode 2010) - Drew Roy as Griffin - IMDb.

Who played Griffin in iCarly?

Andrew Drew Roy Clanton, Alabama, U.S. Andrew Drew Roy (born May 16, 1986) is an American actor .Filmography.Year2009–2010TitleiCarlyRoleGriffinEpisodes2 episodes8 more columns

What episode of iCarly was pee wee babies?

iDate a Bad Boy In iDate a Bad Boy, Carly was freaked out that her boyfriend Griffin collected them and was quite obsessed with it. Griffin breaks up with Carly when he overhears her talking about his obsession with Pee Wee Babies negatively.

What is Griffins last name in iCarly?

The Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly (2007–2012) centers on Carly Shay, who creates her own web show with her best friends Sam and Freddie. The series stars Miranda Cosgrove as Carly, Jennette McCurdy as Sam, Nathan Kress as Freddie, Jerry Trainor as Spencer, and Noah Munck as Gibby.

Who is Carlys boyfriend iCarly 2021?

The iCarly reboot has taken a turn for the romantic. After a 26-year-old Carly Shay experienced quite a few dating fails in season 1 of the Paramount+ series, she met a worthwhile love interest: Wes. Heres more on Carlys on-screen boyfriend and the actor behind Wes, Josh Plasse.

Is Griffin coming back to iCarly?

Carlys bad boy Griffin is BACK on iCarly this week!! Drew Roy returns to reprise his character in the latest episode of the Paramount+ reboot, which will premiere on Thursday (July 29). Find out more inside and watch a sneak peek

How old is Carly at the end of iCarly?

eighteen She was eighteen when the series ended.

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