Question: Which city of Pakistan is best for living?

Which city is best for live in Pakistan?

Karachi (Financial Hub), Lahore (Cultural Hub) and Islamabad (Capital) are by far the best cities to live in Pakistan. These are also the cities where you will find a lot of foreigners already settled and living a very comfortable life.

Which is the most developed city in Pakistan?

Karachi Karachi and Rawalpindi are the most developed districts in Pakistan in terms of social indicators according to the WFS while in Z-score ranking Lahore and Quetta displace Karachi and Rawalpindi as the most developed districts.

Which city is best for job in Pakistan?

Being the largest city and having the only seaport, Karachi is on the number one position offering top jobs in Pakistan. Many companies and banks have their head offices in Karachi, which shows that this city is offering the best and the highest job opportunities for job seekers.

Which countries are enemies of Pakistan?

Pakistan maintains a tense relationship with the Republic of India due to the Kashmir conflict, close ties with the Peoples Republic of China, Turkey, Russia and Gulf Arab states and a fluctuating relationship with the United States of America due to overlapping interests during the Cold War and War on Terror.

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