Question: How tall do you have to be to be a HWP on a dating site?

What is HWP short for?

In the online dating world, HWP means height weight proportionate. Its used in place of specific numbers, and some claim it should be interpreted to mean that one is higher on the weight scale than lower.

What are HWP people?

According to Dictionary and Cyber Definitions, the slang term HWP stands for height weight proportional or height weight proportionate. This is meant to imply that a persons height is proportional to their weight. This usually is used for a person who has an average build or someone who is slightly overweight.

What does HWP stand for on Craigslist?

-HWP- height/weight proportion, really means I do not work out, Im out of shape, but not morbidly obese, there is no tire around the belly, took me forever to figure that out.

What does Hwg mean in texting?

HWGAcronymDefinitionHWGHere We GoHWGHippies with GunsHWGHenry Wine Group (Benicia, CA)HWGHiding with Girls (band)17 more rows

What does Hyg mean?

HYGAcronymDefinitionHYGHere You GoHYGHerts Youth Games (Hertfordshire, England, UK)HYGHate Your Guts (band)HYGHighland Youth Group (Vernon Hills, IL)2 more rows

Where we go meaning?

—used when something is just beginning to happen or move Here we go, I said as the roller coaster began to climb the first hill.

What is an LTR in dating?

Long term relationship is a term which defines an intimate, committed what between human beings. Long term relationship is sometimes shortened what the acronym LTR especially in personal advertisements. Most everyone agrees that a long term relationship must involve emotional intimacy and a long-term commitment.

What does Hyg mean in Snapchat?

HYG means Here You Go. The abbreviation HYG is used with the meaning Here You Go to accompany the action of giving something (an object or information) to another person.

What does Hyd mean on Snapchat?

How You Doing? is the most common definition for HYD on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

How we go meaning?

DEFINITIONS1. used for saying that a decision about a situation will be made after allowing it to develop for a period of time. You may need extra help with this – well see how it goes. Synonyms and related words.

Can I say here you go in email?

Here you go is always informal, but email has a lower standard of formality. However, if you wish your email to sound formal, Id avoid that expression.

Is 419 based on a true story?

The film is based on a true story, two very savvy stockbrokers- Amanda Haft and her boyfriend Rob Stevens, become victims of the classic Nigerian scam.. Its a story of greed and deception; and how easily with a click of a button any of us can be caught up in a web of lies and despair.

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