Question: What to do when someone is codependent on you?

How do you end a relationship with someone who is codependent?

Seek social support. It can be difficult to separate yourself from a codependent relationship. Have someone to talk to about ending the relationship who will support you. Reach out for emotional support by talking to a friend or family member.

How do you date someone who is codependent?

Encourage Honesty. A person who is codependent may be afraid to express his own thoughts, feelings and needs out of fear of rejection, says Lancer. Encourage honesty in the relationship by offering positive support to your partner when he does have the courage to be truthful about his thoughts and feelings.

Can codependent relationships be saved?

Can the Codependent Relationship Be Saved? You might indeed be able to salvage a codependent relationship without going back to being codependent. However, you cant change codependence alone. The other person must do their part as well to avoid codependence.

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