Question: How to make a relationship real for a Virgo?

How do you build a relationship with a Virgo?

Show the real you and your Virgo will naturally be drawn to you. Virgo like to be in control and love their freedom. Let them explore, be who they want to be, and encourage them to do the things they want, and it wont take much time for them to be completely enamored with you. Virgos also love a good listener.

What does Virgo need in a relationship?

Virgos love when things are tidy and organized, so maintaining a sense of control over their lives is important to them. This makes them reliable at work and solid as friends — but in relationships, Virgos need to indulge their playful side, too.

What type of music do Virgos like?

Virgos will normally be more inclined to enjoy instrumental music due to their appreciation of music and the craft of all art forms, but they naturally default to songs that make them feel something.

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