Question: What does Islam say about loving someone?

Muslims believes that God is so loving that He recreated His attribute of love as an instinct in us. Hence true love is part of Gods love, and it is our duty to love one another truly, as indeed He loves us. The Quran tells us that the path of true love has to be through God.

What Quran said about love?

He loves not creatures ungrateful or wicked (2:276); Say: Obey Allah and His Apostle; but if they turn back Allah loveth not those who reject Faith. (3:32); Allah loves not those who do wrong (3:57, 140); Allah loveth not the arrogant the vainglorious (4:36).

What does Allah say about relationships?

In Islam, men and women are required to dress modestly . This is said to help them avoid embarrassing one another. It is also seen as a way of discouraging adultery . Sex is seen as a gift from Allah and sexual relationships should be restricted to marriage between a man and a woman.

What is a soulmate in Islam?

Allahs references to azwaj, or complementary pairs, destined for one another in the Quran substantiate the reality of soulmates. Familial relationships are a level of soulmates but the strongest bonds are spiritual.

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