Question: How do you take things slow without losing interest?

What does it mean to take things slow?

Taking it slow is a colloquial phrase used to indicate that a romantic relationship is progressing slowly, physically and/or emotionally.

What does a guy mean when he wants to take things slow?

Not every guy is the same, but, typically, when he says he wants to take it slow, it “indicates a desire for the pace in which intimacy, connection, feelings, and commitments grow in a relationship to be one that feels comfortable, according to Thomas Edwards Jr., founder of The Professional Wingman.

How do u know if someone is stringing you along?

A big sign is when the other person isnt making much effort or talking about a future, Parikh says. They do not introduce you to friends and family. They do not talk about future plans. Basically, theyre probably stringing you along if they dont like to talk about the future or even go on adventurous dates.

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