Question: How do I contact Bumble support?

If you are a Bumble user with a question, please contact

Does Bumble use phone number?

Its entirely thanks to you — and our devoted engineers — that people have an alternative (and easy) way to join Bumble. Heres how to do it: If youre a new user, youll be able to register and login with your phone number. Thats literally it!

Why is my Bumble premium not working?

If you purchased Spotlight, SuperSwipes, or a Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium subscription, but it hasnt activated in your account yet it could be for a few reasons: Your purchase is still being processed. You can check this within your purchase history on Google Play or iTunes. Your purchase failed.

How do I get around Bumble ban?

As Bumble Blocks are final, the only way to get back your Bumble account and use Bumble again is to reset your account. This means that you have to delete your current account (if you still have access to it), and create a new one with different login information than the one that has been blocked by Bumble.

Why do people disappear from my beeline Bumble?

Bumble Beeline profiles do not disappear in 24 hours, because they are not yet considered a match. If you still experienced it, it might be because the profiles in your Beeline has been deleted or banned.

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