Question: Where is Team Magma Hideout Emerald?

The Team Magma Hideout, called Magma Hideout in the Generation III games, is Team Magmas base of operations in the Hoenn region, located on a small island cave on the outskirts of Lilycove City. In Pokémon Emerald, it is instead located inside Mt. Chimney, with the entrance on the Jagged Pass.

How do I get into the Magma Hideout?

Chimney, only accessible if the player has obtained the Magma Emblem on Mt. Pyre. The entrance is located in the middle of Jagged Pass, and before the player obtains the Magma Emblem, it is guarded by a single Team Magma Grunt, who will battle the player once and not leave his post.

Where is the Jagged Pass Emerald?

Jagged Pass (Japanese: デコボコ山道 Rugged Mountain Pass) is a location in Hoenn. Jagged Pass connects Mt. Chimney and Route 112. Crossing Jagged Pass is the only way to reach Lavaridge Town .Pokémon Emerald.TrainerPokémonTeam Magma Grunt Reward: 440 Only before obtaining the Magma EmblemNumel♂ Lv.22 No item36 more rows

Do you fight Team Magma in Emerald?

Team Magma appears only in the Hoenn-based games Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, as well as their remakes Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, where they scheme to bring Groudon out of its slumber.

What do I do after Mt pyre Emerald?

In Emerald, go to Jagged Pass. You can use the Magma Emblem to open the Magma Hideout in Jagged Pass. Go through the hideout and battle Maxie at the end, then leave the hideout.

What do I do after Lilycove City Emerald?

When you are done exploring Lilycove, go back to Route 121 and go to the middle of the route, then go south to Route 122. There are no items or trainers in Route 122, so just Surf south through the route until you reach Mt. Pyre in the southeast.

Where do you go after Lilycove Emerald?

You have to go east from Lilycove, but Team Aqua/Magma is blocking the way. The only thing you can do now is go back to Route 121, then use the dock in the middle to Surf south to Route 122.

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