Question: Is Brian Austin Green Married?

Is Brian Austin Green still married?

Actors Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox have officially filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage. The two announced they had split up earlier this year when Green, best known for his role as David Silver on the show “90210,” said on his podcast that they had decided theyre best apart.

Is Brian Austin Green divorce final?

Megan Fox may not be engaged to Machine Gun Kelly yet, but she wants her relationship with him to move ahead—as soon as her divorce from ex-husband Brian Austin Green is finalized. E! Fox filed for divorce in November 2020 after the two quietly separated in late 2019.

Why did Brian and Megan divorce?

The Transformers actress, 34, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason between her split from the Beverly Hills, 90210 star, 47. They initially split in 2015, with Fox citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for separation in her initial divorce filing.

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