Question: What is the relationship like between TLC and Dallas Austin?

Austin and Chilli met while he was producing for TLC. The two began a relationship but their relationship was riddled with infidelity on Austins part. Early on in the relationship, Chilli became pregnant with their first child. As a result, she stayed with Austin due to her guilt despite his infidelity.

Is Chilli in a relationship?

According to Industry On Blast, not only are the two dating, the man (Anthony Wilson) known as Ant currently lives with Chilli. According to sources, R&B singer, Usher, who used to date Chilli is not only aware of her relationship with Ant but also gives the couple his blessings.

Are Pebbles and LA Reid still married?

Pebbles has been married five times and has three children. In July 1989, Pebbles married Reid. They had one son named Aaron, born in 1990. Reid and Pebbles later divorced in 1996.

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