Question: How much is a Pepsi bottle?

What is the price of 500ml Pepsi?

8, 600ml Pepsi at Rs. 25, 500ml Pepsi at Rs. 20, 1500ml Pepsi at Rs. 45, 2250ml Pepsi at Rs .StateOfferCities where offer availableGujaratPepsi 200ml for MRP (inclusive of all taxes) Rs. 8/-Gujarat18 more rows

How much is a bottle of Coke in Nigeria?

Coca-Cola Coke 60 CL X 12: N1,200 – N1,500. Teem Bitter Lemon – 12 Bottles in a Pack: N1,000 – N1,500.

Can Pepsi price?

Pepsi Swag Can, 250 mlMRP:Rs 30Price:Rs 27You Save:10%(Inclusive of all taxes)

How many calories are in a 500ml bottle of Pepsi?

Energy: 103 caloriesProtein0gCarbs28gFat0g

How much is coke per bottle?

Coca-Cola PricesTypeSizePriceCoca-Cola20 oz. Bottle$1.99Diet Coke20 oz. Bottle$1.99Coca-Cola1.25L Bottle$0.99Coca-Cola Zero1.25L Bottle$0.99129 more rows

How much is a good salary in Nigeria?

The minimum and maximum salary range in Nigeria is between N37, 000 to N5, 000,000 monthly. The middle salary value is N300, 000 monthly which indicates that 50% of the population are earning below N300, 000 while the other half are earning above N300, 000.

How much is Pepsi in USA?

Pepsi PricesTypeSizePriceDiet Pepsi16 oz. Can$1.19Pepsi16 oz. Can$1.19Diet Pepsi20 oz. Bottle$1.99Pepsi20 oz. Bottle$1.99133 more rows

Who is owner of Pepsi?

PepsiCo The Pepsi Bottling Group/Parent organizations

What is healthier Pepsi or Coke?

Pepsis and Cokes ingredient lists back this up, as Pepsi has 41 grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving while Coke has a mere 39 grams. Pepsi is also slightly higher in calories, with 150 to Cokes 140. Therefore, if youre counting every single calorie and/or carb, Cokes going to be your marginally-better pick.

How many calories is in a bottle of Pepsi?

Servings Per Container: 12NutrientAmount per Serving% Daily ValueCalories150Calories from FatTotal Fat0g0%Sodium30mg1%3 more rows•Nov 1, 2018

Where is the cheapest Coca-Cola?

India The worlds cheapest serving of Coca-Cola is sold in India—for just $0.07 a cup. The worlds cheapest helping of Coca-Cola is found in India.

How much is a Coke at McDonalds?

Enjoy a refreshing Coke® at McDonalds in extra small, small, medium and large for $1 on the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu.

How much is rich in Nigeria?

According to Forbes the 5 richest Nigerians are: Aliko Dangote (net worth US $14.4 billion), Mike Adenuga (net worth US $9.9 billion), Femi Otedola (net worth US$1.85 billion), Folorunsho Alakija (net worth US$1.55 billion), Abdul Samad Rabiu (net worth $1.1 billion).

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