Question: How did dating change in the 1970s?

Dating and relationships were reduced to “hanging out”, a 40-year-old equivalent or modern “Netflix and Chill”. First dates were mostly about sex rather then getting to know each other, people had multiple sexual partners and the amount of open or non-exclusive relationships had increased.

What was dating like in the 1970s?

Dating in the 70s! In the 70s, you met someone for the first time face-to-face. Yes, there were blind dates, but it began as a connection made through someone you knew. In the 70s, you communicated with a woman in one of two ways – either by phone or in person. There were no text messages or emails to hide behind.

What was dating like in the 1700s?

First, courtship in the 1700s was a family affair. Most often young couples were together in groups or spent time with each others families. They were rarely given an opportunity to be completely alone without chaperones. Young couples today have perhaps gone to the opposite extreme, pairing off alone too often.

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