Question: When does the new season of Austin and ally start?

Is there a season 5 of Austin and Ally?

February 6, 2015 – Disney Channel cancels Austin & Ally after Season 4, there will not be a fifth season of the teen sitcom.

Is there a season 8 of Austin and Ally?

When did Austin & Ally start and when did it end? The Disney Channel show premiered on December 2, 2011, and came to an end on January 10, 2016, after four seasons and 87 episodes.

Is Austin and Ally renewed for season 4?

Season 4 of Austin & Ally was renewed on April 25, 2014. After a series of social media campaigns from superfans, the teen sitcom was finally renewed. On February 6, Laura Marano, who portrays Ally Dawson, revealed that Season 4 would be the shows last season.

Is Austin and Ally ever coming back?

After four seasons, more than 85 episodes and the formation of four major Disney stars, “Austin & Ally” is coming to an end. The popular kids sitcom airs its series finale on Sunday, Jan. 10.

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