Question: Does Ashley Madison works in India?

Is Ashley Madison available in India?

In any case, Ashley Madison does not seem to have taken off in India. Ashley Madison has indeed tried hard to push their product in India. In 2014, they published a survey stating that more than 76% of Indian men and 61% of Indian women dont think cheating was a sin (yeah right!).

Is Ashley Madison a safe site?

Is Ashley Madison Legit? Yes, Ashley Madison is “legit” as long as you keep your expectations in check. Most of the time people asking these questions want to know whether the site is full of real users there because they want to hook up.

Can my husband read my iMessages?

Remember, iMessage lets you receive text messages from any email address that is registered with your Apple ID. Your spouses iPhone could very well be one of those devices. However, if you and your spouse share the account, he or she could enable iMessage just as easily as you disable it.

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