Question: Can you be in a relationship as a Muslim?

They have religious restrictions that limit physical contact in premarital relationships. Dating is still linked to its Western origins, which implies underlying expectations of sexual interactions — if not an outright premarital sexual relationship — which Islamic texts prohibit. But Islam does not forbid love.

Can a Muslim woman be in a relationship?

Marital, pre-marital and extramarital sex Marriage is the only acceptable means to indulge in sexual relationships, any other is considered as Zina, one of the major sins in Islam. Polygamy, though technically legal, is not a recommended practice in Islamic culture. Women cannot have multiple husbands.

Can you have a halal relationship?

Halal dating may be different from Western norms, but it does safeguard you and your future spouse. Even if you are dating the person you want to marry now, you can still use these rules for a healthy, vibrant and halal relationship.

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