Question: Should companies have strict policies against dating at work?

Employers Should Enforce a Strict Policy An all-out ban against dating or any kind of romantic relationship between employees is largely unenforceable and not very realistic in light of how many people have or are engaged in workplace dating.

Should dating in the workplace be allowed?

Most HR professionals advise against prohibiting dating in the workplace. Strict, zero tolerance policies can cause frustration at best or encourage employees to leave at worst. Studies show its best to regulate office romance with established guidelines and procedures.

Why should companies have policies addressing workplace romance?

Romance in the workplace disrupts productivity Employees pick up on flirtatious behavior and detect these relationships early on. In both my corporate and consulting experience, I have found that these relationships do occur even when you have a policy prohibiting a supervisor/subordinate relationship.

Why cant married couples work together?

Conflicts and disagreements at work may be carried over to the home, and vice versa. This, of course, puts tremendous strain on both the marital and working relationship. Couples who work together should try to keep conflicts in their appropriate sphere --- or, better yet, settle conflicts as soon as they arise.

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