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Dschungeljahre by Doris Kuegler

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Germans Learn the Peaceful Life of Fayu Tribal in West Papua

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Bischoffs EnRoute: Juni 2011

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Kuegler doris Title: Dschungeljahre:

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Child of the jungle

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Dschungelkind (2011)

This condition changed the life of Sabine.

  • I am the 4th child of 8 siblings, our names are Elsina Lin, Mileus, Milena, Milera Lisa me , Yateus Iskian, Doris Elvina, Rally Ferdo and Franklin Klaus.

  • Sabine felt that she was not German.

  • Both in Nepal, and later in Irian Jaya, the family was supported by money that arrived from private donations back in the West, from churches, and some American universities.

OLAC resources in and about the Dhanwar language

Wir leben in Telefomin, einem Dorf im westlichen Hochland, nahe der Indonesischen Grenze.

  • The forest is home to the Fayu tribe.

  • Wahrlich eine Lebensaufgabe und es ist der Autorin zu glauben, dass sie in der Zivilisation nach ihrer Rückkehr nicht mehr richtig heimisch wurde.

  • They wanted to serve the people, to help and support them where they could.