Question: How do I not see my ex on Tinder?

You can do this by opening the Tinder app, going to “Settings,” and selecting “Block Contacts.” After you share your contact list with Tinder, you can select from your contacts who you want to avoid on Tinder. When you find a name you want to block, hit “Block Contact” and poof, them and their Tinder will be gone.

Can you stop your ex seeing you on Tinder?

Select your phones contact of your ex, cousin, colleague, or simply just anyone with a J name, and click block – et voila, they wont be able to find you on Tinder any more! You can now scroll in peace – happy swiping.

Why cant I find block contacts on Tinder?

Open Tinder and tap the profile icon. Go to “Settings” Scroll down and select “Block Contacts” Grant Tinder permission to access your contacts.

How long should you wait to go on Tinder after a break up?

The rule of time Some trust that there is an acceptable time to hop back on the apps, and it has to do with how long you were with your ex. “[A less-than] six-month relationship, Id only wait two weeks!

How soon is too soon for Tinder?

According to a report provided by Tinder, 95% of matches are most likely to meet between two-to-seven days. This window of time can be a helpful guideline for those of you wondering how long you should wait before asking someone out (or how long you have until that spark starts to fade).

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