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Intensity Cravings: Bulma x Chichi by SPOOKY

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Intensity Cravings: Bulma x Chichi by SPOOKY

While everyone was preparing for the World Martial Arts Tournament, Bulma saw pictures of Master Roshi when he was young and learned of which she had a nightmare of Goku being slaughtered by.

  • For one thing, Bulma was originally conceptualized as a love-interest for Goku once he became older.

  • Afterward, she takes Yamcha to her house and gets him cleaned up.

  • Via: Playbuzz Bulma has gained a lot of popularity over the years, becoming one of the most adored characters in all of Dragon Ball.


Bulma's companionship with Goku also extends to his family, being a good friend of Chi-Chis and showing a great deal of warmness to his sons Gohan and Goten, even after the former grows up.

  • Her hair is also ponytail with a red bow on her head.

  • However, Goku got engaged to Chi-Chi and later married her.

  • The result was an unexpectedly hilarious moment that Chi-Chi actually remembers quite fondly.