Question: What number does magic radio call you on?

Magic Radio on Twitter: Yup - give us a call! 03444 777 888…

Who won the Magic Radio competition?

Kirkby Fleetham We have our winner – congratulations to Don from Kirkby Fleetham who won £100,000! The competition ran from Friday 2nd April until Friday 9th April across Absolute Radio, KISS, Magic and Planet Rock.

What time is magic radio competition?

This competition opens at 6am on Monday 17th May and closes at 5pm on Friday 28th May. Good luck!

Is Magic Radio app free?

Magic Radio radio stream live and for free.

How can I get radio to answer my calls?

7 Secret Tips to Winning a Radio Call-In Contest1: Dont call too early. Many people make the mistake of calling up before the contest even starts. 2: Remember that timing is everything. 3: Keep trying. 4: Dont fear the hang-up. 5: Dont fall for the endless ring. 6: Dont try to fool the DJ. 7: Be enthusiastic.Sep 26, 2018

What number does Iheart radio call from if you win?

Text the keyword you hear to 200200 for your chance to win! A new keyword will be announced every hour giving you another chance to win! *Standard message and data rates may apply. One winner will be randomly selected from all entries received during each contest hour.

How do I get through a busy phone line?

If you have experience with landline phones, you might know that theres a simple way to achieve this. Its called continuous redial, and simply entering a code (*66) after a busy signal will tell the line to keep redialing each time a call fails. A simple three-presses of *86 then stops continuous redial.

What happens if you win a radio contest?

You just won a radio contest and are entitled to a cash prize or some free merchandise. Unlike gifts, which are tax-free for the recipient, the IRS classifies most prizes as taxable income. Depending on your tax bracket, the taxes you owe might make you question whether you should accept the prize or not.

How many times can you win a radio contest?

But before you enter to win any prize they offer, consider this: nearly every station has a limit on how often people can win from them. For example, they might say that each person can win a prize only once every 30 days. Some networks even limit the number of wins you can get across all of their radio stations.

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